Master projects successfully

Project management

Details of each task and each project will be planned, checked and executed on schedule by our experienced project managers.

We particularly lay emphasis on evolving a system for the smooth functioning of all key players and a clear communication structure during the entire term of the project. For that reason, you will be assigned a central point of contact, who functions as an interface manager.

Project - Start

We consider a comprehensive orientation program important to guarantee the smooth integration of the new employee.  Each new employee receives intensive training toward that goal in all matters concerning his or her future professional routine, which in turn allows us to guarantee you minimal administration and reporting efforts during the term of the project.

Projekt - Implementation

Even when using the entire sales force, we retain the control over a clear organization structure and assign you a central point of contact for the entire period of the project. You can decide the scope of our involvement. 

The project management shall if necessary perform:  

  • the responsibility of recruitment to fill up new vacancies, and in conjunction with you
  • comprehensive administration and organization duties in regard to staffing management, such as vacation, temporary cover during vacation and Ilness, visits and monthly reports
  • coaching and management of the team, goal-oriented and feedback discussions, including double visits
  • Regular reporting to you based on the scope of the information obligation you set

Projekt - Conclusion

We are happy to talk to you about our successful experiences with the recruiting process a well as a successful project. We will gladly take on the administrative tasks around a subsequent employment at your company. We also offer the project team and our employees new challenges and the possibility of permanently evolving professional prospects after project-closure.

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