Qualification meets innovation

Company profile

careforce provides recruiting and sales service solutions to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and other companies in healthcare. Founded in 2000, careforce is a leader in its sector. We provide sales teams for promotion and consultation services for pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Our main task is to recruit qualified employees for existing vacancies. Furthermore, we organize and manage not just key accounts but also our employees, or the entire sales teams, who are responsible for enhancing the market presence of innovative products for our clients.

Our excellence in securing and selecting a qualified sales force derives from many years of experience. Our clients particularly value the customized consultation services we offer on matters concerning staffing and recruitment and our specialized project management. 

Currently, careforce has a sales force of over 600 employees right now. A large segment of our customers has for many years been relying on the quality of our services and attaches great significance to the possibility of cultivating close and confidential cooperation.  

Our employees value the possibility of working for leading pharmaceutical companies close to where they live. Each employee enjoys the prospects of professional and personal development through additional skill acquired “on the job” as well as by attending our training and development programs.



Are you looking for the right employees for your company? careforce supports you capably in meeting your personnel requirements. 

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